Roma Norte

I lived in Roma Norte for a year and is a really cool place to stay if you love art galleries, shopping from emergent designers, street art and eating at trendy restaurants that everybody puts on bucket lists. The neighborhood is very french looking with beautiful buildings and streets.



  • Great street food
  • Lots of good coffee shops
  • Local restaurants
  • Cool restaurants like Lalo, Rosetta, Meroma and Máximo
  • Sidewalk tables
  • Cool bars and cocktail places
  • Rooftops


  • Centrally located
  • Beautiful walkable streets with lots of greenery
  • Easy access to the subway and metrobus
  • 50 min walking to Polanco
  • 10 minutes walking to Juarez
  • 10 minutes walking to Condesa
  • 35 minutes walking to the Historic Center


  • Main streets are busy at night with lots of bars.
  • Small streets are quiet and cool.
  • It’s very safe but mind your stuff specially your cell phone and avoid dark streets at night.


  • Lots of gyms, yoga studios and an open-air jogging track.
  • Good supermarkets, drugstores and hospitals in the area.
  • Ecobici system (public bicycles for rent).
  • Lots of banks.
  • Cool squares to watch dogs and people.


  • It’s a super hip place, if you want something more traditional you might like Condesa better.
  • It’s far from Coyoacan area and the south of the city
  • If you are a museum person the major ones are far from here, but you can walk (30 -45 minutes) or take an Uber.


  • You’ll be close enough to everything trendy and cool.
  • This area is home to the best restaurants, shops, and bars.
  • Coffee shops are amazing.
  • The place for art shopping, tons of art galleries, and tiny museums.
  • After a night out you can literally crawl to your hotel.
  • The streets are beautiful, you’ll find great shops and cafes, and it’s perfect for people and building watching.
  • Dog lovers MUST stay here it’s one of the most pet-friendly areas ever.


  • Try to find a hotel at Colima street, or at any street between Frontera and Tonalá and Durango and Zacatecas. The area market on the map is the best, safer and better located.

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