6 tacos you need to eat in Mexico City

The street is the best place for having a good taco, these are the ones you´ll need to hunt down while visiting the city.


Oily, delicious and cheap, the most common flavors are chicharrón (pork), beans, potatoes or adobo.

Find them on a bike riding around the city,

Average cost: $7 – $10 mxn


The traditional recipe is made with goat, but in the city we make them with beef, slow cooked, with a characteristic red birria sauce and a cup or broth as a pairing.

Average cost: $8 – $20 mxn

Bistec con papas

Steak and fries, you can order it with cheese, or make a campechano (with chorizo) they usually have nopales (cactus) and other toppings like beans, onions, pápalo and green or red sauce.

Average cost: $15 – $35

Al pastor

Pork with adobo made like a shawarma (that´s actually it´s origine) with pineapple, onions and cilantro. Ad lime, salt and the sauce you prefer.

Average cost: $10 – $30 MXN

Suadero, tripa, lengua

Often sold at the same stall, All the meat is floating happily in what we call the meat jacuzzi. Slowly getting confited in lard ready to be chopped into a taco. They have lots of options: Suadero is brisket, tripa is intestines, cachete is cheek and ojo, eye balls.

The tongue (lengua) is usually steamed and cut into slices rather than chopped.

Don´t forget the sauce and some pápalo, the green herbal bouquet standing next to the toppings.

Average price: $7 – $25 MXN


If you put chorizo on a taco, that´s a campechano. It can be steak and chorizo, cecina and chorizo, suadero and chorizo.

Average cost: $10 – $30