Juárez is the new hipster area, there are lots of interesting stuff to do, but most stuff are spread around the area, so you’ll find streets with nothing, and then clusters of restaurants, shops and galleries. The location is right in the middle of the Historic Center and Roma-Condesa, it has beautiful architecture and is great for building watching.



  • Great street food
  • Coffee shops
  • Local restaurants
  • Some trendy places like Cicatriz, Masala y Maíz, La Rifa, Joe Gelato and Hanky Panky
  • Cheap traditional restaurants and holes in the wall
  • Local bars and places for cocktails


  • Very well located if you want to visit a lot the historic center
  • Beautiful walkable streets with lots of greenery
  • Easy access to the subway and metrobus
  • Ecobici system (the public bicycles for rent)
  • Right next to Reforma Street
  • 10 minutes walking to Roma Norte
  • 30 minutes walking to the historic center


  • Quiet at night if you avoid main streets.
  • There are lots of areas that are only busy during the day, try not to walk a lot at night, use Uber Instead.
  • It’s very safe but mind your stuff specially your cell phone.


  • Some gyms and Yoga studios available.
  • 2 good supermarkets, good drugstores and hospitals around.
  • Ecobici system (public bicycles for rent).
  • Lots of banks and money exchange services.
  • Big parks for walking surrounded by trees.


  • It’s an up and coming place, not fully gentrified, you’ll find some dangerous areas at night.
  • For every good restaurant there’re 4 crappy ones, you can end up having bad food.
  • It’s a place to visit but I´ll rather stay at Roma Norte.
  • It’s far from the Coyoacan area and the south of the city.


  • You’ll be super well connected to Reforma, the subway, Metrobus and Insurgentes.
  • You’ll be right next to Reforma street, great for walking and running.
  • Roma Norte its super close, you can be there in 10 minutes.
  • The food scene is very diverse, some trendy places, street food and coffee shops. It’s great for exploring local places if you prefer a more local vibe.
  • Lots of emergent designers are opening shops here.
  • Juárez is also home to the Korean neighborhood.
  • If you like to party the zona rosa (LGBTTTI area) is right next to Juárez, don’t expect fancy places, this is more like a crazy, wild, karaoke kind of scene.


  • Try to avoid Insurgentes street it’s too noisy and not a cool place to stay, also if you want to sleep at night avoid staying at La Zona Rosa.
  • I personally rather stay at Roma and just walk to Juarez to explore during the day.