I’ve been living in Condesa for the last 10 years and so far it is my favorite neighborhood to live in: Walkable, well located and connected with the rest of the city. The sense of community is very strong here and the mix of new cool places and old traditional ones is very interesting. I love walking around with my dogs finding beautiful buildings and new or old coffee shops I haven’t tried yet.



  • Great street food
  • Lots of good coffee shops
  • Local restaurants
  • Sidewalk tables
  • Local bars and places for cocktails


  • Centrally located
  • Beautiful walkable streets with lots of greenery
  • Easy access to the subway and metrobus
  • 30 min walking to Polanco
  • 15 minutes walking to Roma Norte
  • 45 minutes walking to the Historic Center


  • Quiet at night if you avoid main streets.
  • It’s very safe but mind your stuff specially your cell phone and avoid dark streets at night.


  • Lots of gyms, yoga studios and an open air jogging track.
  • Good supermarkets, drugstores and hospitals in the area.
  • Ecobici system (public bicycles for rent).
  • Lots of banks and money exchange services.
  • Big parks for walking surrounded by trees.


  • It’s not a super hip place, the vibe is more local and relaxed.
  • Most of the cool, popular restaurants are not here, but very close by at Roma Norte.
  • You won’t be right were the art galleries, clubs and tourist attractions are, but very close to them.
  • It’s far from Coyoacan area and the south of the city.


  • You’ll be close enough to everything, but far enough to avoid the noise.
  • The streets are beautiful, you’ll find great shops and cafes, and it’s perfect for people and building watching.
  • The food scene is not about the trendy places, but you’ll still find delicious and cool restaurants, tiny cafes and local places if you prefer a more local vibe.
  • Dog lovers MUST stay here, it’s one of the most pet friendly areas ever.


  • Condesa is huge, look for a hotel near Amsterdam, Parque México or Parque España, these are the best areas, well connected and safer at night.

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