My name is Rocio I´m 37, I was born and bred in Mexico City, my favorite city in the world, I grew up cooking and eating because my mom is a chef, 9 years ago I created one of the first food blogs in Mexico called “Sin Mantel” I studied Mexican Cuisine for a while and I´ve been exploring the city markets since I was young. I´m an avid traveler, so far I’ve been in 27 countries and more than 70 cities, I like to take food tours all over. I live in Condesa with my boyfriend and my two dogs Mateo a 9-year-old Goldador, Pantera a 2 years old black pug (she is nuts) and Robert Smith a crazy hair black kitten. I love reading, traveling, eating and napping with my pets.

Feminist, cook, editor and translator, healthy lifestyle advocate. I was borned in Mexico city and raised in a very traditional family and now I am anything but traditional. Got married (for practical purposes) and became a crazy cat lady. I can't resist a really good taco.

I was born and raised in Mexico City, I consider myself a Maker and a Doer, I love knitting, embroidery, toys, glitters, and shiny objects. When I have free time, I make Youtube tutorials and colorful Instagram content. Currently writing my thesis for my master's degree in Strategic Design and Innovation (Soon to be a MAESTRA!). Full-time-eater, cat lover. My favorite supermarket aisle is the cereal aisle.