Juarez: snacks, shopping, and natural wine

Spend the day at Juárez Neighborhood walking, eating, and shopping. This walk has it all: clothing, accessories, tamales, chocolate, beauty products and natural wine.

Walking distance: 1.3 km – 0.8 miles

Best days to do it: Tuesday – Sunday (on Monday most places are closed)

Bets time to do it: 11:00 am (consider that most places close at 18:00)

Get Google directions : HERE


Stop 1: Utilitario Mexicano

Mexican design, and everything you need to have a Mexican Touch in your home.

Stop 2: Librería Jorge Cuesta

The paradise for old books hunters, explore their packed shelves and find your editorial treasure.

Stop 3: Tamales Madre

Stop for a quick snack at this beautiful hip place where you´ll find delicious tamales

Stop 4: Querencia

Interior design, pots for your plants, clothes and natural beauty products

Stop 5: La Rifa chocolatería

Mexican chocolate at its best, get a hot chocolate or a cold one if it´s hot, they also have decadent chocolate desserts.

Stop 6: Havre corridor

Walk from Casa Cballería towards Marsella street and you´ll find:

  • Casa Caballería (Menswear)
  • BUUT´S (420 smoking shop)
  • Sioux (Women´s clothes)
  • Boyfriend´s shirt (menswear)
  • Momiji pop up (korean beauty products)
  • CIHUAH (women´s clothes)
  • Simply by Trista (concept store)

Stop 7: Carla Fernandez

Mexican high fashion designer with unique pieces inspired in Mexico and our culture

Stop 8: Incendiarias

Art, clay, prints, clothes and design made by feminist women for feminist women.

Stop 9: Pay´s shop

Colorful and playful knitwear

Stop 9: Blom café

Take a break from shopping sipping natural wine and enjoying the cool street view.