Tlacoyos are everywhere in the city and they are usually sold alongside with quesadillas and other corn specialties,


They are oval-shaped usually made with blue corn but you can also find them made with yellow or white corn masa. The stalls have a big pan (comal) and a table with several containers, check out the items displayed in the pan and if you see an oval blue corn thing, that’s your tlacoyo right there.


Basically blue corn stuffed with beans, fava beans, or requesón (a kind of ricotta cheese) then they topped them with cactus pad salad and white cheese in some places they can also put lettuce and crema, (but is not very common) the majority will make them with cactus unless you ask them to put a stew on top of them (the ones they use for making QUESADILLAS)


First you´ll need to choose your stuffing:

Beans – Frijol

Fava beans – Haba

Ricotta cheese – Requesón

Once you picked your main ingredient you´ll say:

Señora, me da un tlacoyo de haba por favor. ¡Gracias!

This means, lady, can i have a fava beans tlacoyo please. Thank you

And remember if you want cheese, onions, and cactus pad salad on it, say “con todo”

Señora me da un tlacoyo de haba con todo o por favor. Gracias!


No onion – Sin cebolla

No cheese – Sin queso

No cactus pads – Sin Nopales

No suce – Sin salsa


Price Range: 20 – 30 MXN per tlacoyo

Operating hours:  Mostly for breakfast and lunch, after 4:00 you won´t find many stalls open.

Should I tip?: Yes, it´s ideal to tip between 10 to 20 pesos per person.

Other stuff you´ll find here: Checkout QUESADILLAS and GORDITAS and SOPES they usually sell the items at the same stall.

Pro tip: Upgrade your tlacoyo asking for extra stuffing, my favorite is potatoes with chorizo (Papas con chorizo) or chicken. This will get you a super fulfilling dish with a little extra cost.

“Señora me da un tlacoyo de frijoles con un poco de tinga de pollo por favor. Gracias

This means, lady can i have a beans tlacoyo with a little of chicken tinga please. Thanks!